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Friday June 26, 2020
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DAILY for a LIVE Loving-kindness (LK) practice - just 6 minutes.

Optional: Stay on the line for an additional 5 min  to send extra lovingkindness to area hospitals and hot spots.

Bring a friend!

Now daily through Friday, June 26

Mon-Fri, 7:00 am ET start.
Sat - Sun, 9:00 am ET start.
US Holidays 9:00 am ET start.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Loving-kindness?

Tenderness, caring and consideration toward yourself and others.

What do I do on the call?

Repeat each line of the Loving-Kindness practice to yourself.  (in your head or out loud)

Listen here for a short sample >>

What's the purpose of the call?

To bring us together.

To help focus our thoughts and words on things we truly desire for ourselves and others - peace, happiness and health - not on what we fear.

Dr. Sarah Byrne and I feel, that the world, and each of us individually, could use a little boost of extra loving-kindness, connection and community right now. 

We started this loving-kindness group to synchronize ALL of our goodwill, love and vision for a healthier world.

Would you like to take time for yourself to focus and cultivate thoughts and feelings of love and vitality?  It's like saying positive affirmations. May I be healthy. May I be peaceful. May I be vibrant.

This daily Loving-Kindness practice allows us to focus together LIVE, yet privately (from a safe distance!) in our own space. I believe that we can change the world with love and our collective intention on health.  Join us!

What is the timing of the call? 

Monday - Friday 7 am ET start. (Weekends & US Holidays 9 am ET start)

Example for the 7:00 am start.

6:50 am ET - music plays as people connect
7:00 am ET - Sara begins with a welcome & overview. The LK practice begins.
7:06 am ET - Done. You did it. You shared your lovingkindness. Thank you!

7:07 am ET - BONUS.
Stay on the line for another 5 minutes to wrap requested hospitals in lovingkindness. I typically highlight 3-4 specific hospitals/centers and then pause for you to think of your own special hospital/center or person.

Saturday and Sunday and US Holidays: 9 am ET start  (same flow as above.)

SAMPLE of a Loving-kindness Practice

My heart fills with loving kindness.  (you repeat each line silently)
I love myself.
May I be happy.
May I be peaceful.
May I be healthy.
May I be vibrant.

I love my family and friends.
May my family and friends be happy.
May they be peaceful.
May they be healthy.
May they be vibrant...and we continue on with  ever-widening groups until we get to our planet.  

I also add in health care workers, essential workers, teachers, etc. Every day is slightly different!

Can I be in my pajamas?

Absolutely. This call is listening only. Many people just drift right back to sleep. :)

Can I test out the phone number or ZOOM link right now?

YES! Absolutely.

You can try to connect at any time. You will get varying messages depending on how you choose to connect (Zoom vs dial in  phone number or PC vs Mac, etc). In general, you will get a message saying that the host hasn't started the meeting yet if you try outside of 6:50-7:15 am ET Mon-Fri and 8:50-9:15 am.

How many of us do you want to join?

I purchased 100 spots...15 were used today :) I'd love to have you add your shine! I will buy more spots as needed. Let's see how a few can become many! Bring a friend or two or 10!

How much does it cost?

It is freely given to everyone. All are welcome.