I love what I do...seeing people heal themselves is an honor.

Here are a few their own words about their results and experiences.

"Hi, I just wanted to update you.
Everything is going Amazing!
My kidney numbers are so good, my urine output is surprising them."

M. R., NY

Prepare for Surgery, Heal Faster(TM) Workshop
Kidney Transplant, 2020
4 months ahead in her healing

" end result (visualization) was perfect, touched on everything important and helpful.
Can't thank you enough you amazing woman!"

J. A., CT

Prepare for MRI Workshop
Overcame claustrophobia in 24 hours

"I'm so happy. Thanks to you for helping me heal, and sleep better and be more positive. You helped me the most."

S.M., MA

Lessening Insomnia client 2019
Welcoming new medication client 2020

Thank you so much Sara. You just brought it all home.

This hour was so worth it!

S. S., TX

Speed Healing Workshop  2020
Coaching client, current

 I have tried so many other weight loss options including Weight Watchers, Noom, Whole 30 and a nutritionist. All of those other options were beneficial but not enough.

Sara has empowered me to set visions and goals for myself to see the person I want to be.

Sara has a wonderful way of helping me see the benefits of goal setting when it comes to exercise and healthy eating. Her goal oriented/vision approach has been so beneficial to my health.

I am changing my beliefs, priorities and overall well being. Sara's commitment, support, passion, knowledge and nonjudgmental approach is changing my life.

K.R., MA

Health coaching client, 2023 (current)
Improving Sleep client, 2020
Lessen Stress client, 2020