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Ways to Work with Sara

For individuals: Change can be hard and scary - even terrifying. Change alone can be even harder. How would it feel to have a structure of support helping and cheering you on?  Let's work together! I offer one-on-one sessions and groups (in the works)

For Medical Providers: Especially for the awe inspiring nurses, anesthesiologists, surgeons, MDs, PTs, DMDs, PCPs and holistic providers...  see how I can help you boost your patients' healing results & satisfaction. Or let's talk about bringing the Prepare for Surgery, Heal Faster(TM) workshops to your patients directly.

Root Family: You know I love you Root Family! I'm offering seasonal workshops with Dr. Byrne in 2021 going into our 3rd year together.

Tired of staying the same? 
Looking to add a dose of inspiration or support?

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One-on-One or Groups

Ready to take your health or healing to the next level?

Coaching may be just the SPARK you need to go beyond small changes, find your momentum and enter the joyful land of transformation.

I feel that coaching is a sacred partnership. 

I am here to support your through all stages of health transformation.

As your coach I'm here to cheer you on and guide you into actions steps for health and happiness using:
- coaching techniques
- health vision creation
- goal setting
- quality questioning to uncover blocks
- mind body techniques
- positive affirmations
- negative thinking re-frames
- gratitude
- compassion
- mindfulness
- journaling
- routinizing sleep & wake schedules,
and many more...

Ready to Spark Change?
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For Medical Providers

Partners in Optimizing Health

Interested in helping your own dear patients engage more fully in their role of healing and finding health?

Interested in offering private workshops such as my 10 Day Weight Loss Challenge or  Peggy Huddleston's Prepare For Surgery or Lessen Anxiety workshops for your patients?

Have you been looking for a health coach to help your clients transform their health?

Let's connect and see how I can help you reach greater results for yourself and your patients.

Call/ text/ email me

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Root Family Medicine

Lucky enough to be a part of Root Family Medicine in Norwood, MA?

Let's work together! Join me Sara Cyr, CHC to help you reach your next level of healthier.

*Photo Credit: The amazing
Jenny Moloney Photography

*Please note that Dr. S. Byrne and I not currently holding our Sassafras group medical visits.

Workshops and Offerings

Interested in speeding your healing?
I am fully trained and certified by Peggy Huddleston to facilitate these HealFaster(TM) hour long workshops.

- Research backed

These workshops harness both the mind and body to speed your healing. If you're ready to reclaim your health, simply  Book Now to get started.

Not quite ready? You can also  book a "15 min Q&A" call to help you learn more about me, my style and see if we're a dynamic match.

Peggy Huddleston's

Prepare for Surgery,
Heal Faster (TM) Workshop

- Sara's Brochure

- Reduce anxiety before surgery
- Use 23-50% less pain medication
- Fall asleep if you have insomnia
- Heal faster

“I recommend Peggy Huddleston’s program to all who require surgery and want to recover faster.”

Andrew T. Weil, MD Author, 8 Weeks to Optimum Health Director, Program in Integrative Medicine University of Arizona

Did you know that you are the most important person on your healing team? Let me show you how to feel more empowered and hopeful as you approach your surgery date.*

-Used at leading hospitals, such as  
- Brigham and Women’s Hospital, MA
- NYU Langone Medical Center, NY

*Workshop can be given up to 48 hours in advance with 1-2 weeks recommended.

*2-3 weeks preferred if you wish to reduce/avoid opioid use.

Peggy Huddleston's

Reduce Anxiety, Headaches and Insomnia Workshop

Living in a world brimming with chronic stress takes a toll on all of us. You may not even realize you're under stress.

Headaches and insomnia are signs from your body that worries may be starting to rule your thoughts.

Join me to help you learn how to shift out of stress into deep relaxation. Then we create vibrant  new "stories" or visualizations unique to you. 

We'll keep your focus on what you DO want!

Peggy Huddleston's

Reduce Chronic Pain, Speed Healing Workshop

A one hour workshop to help you learn how to use deep relaxation to lessen pain. I also train you to use positive words and images to help pull you towards the health you desire.

*Clients often lessen their pain in just 60 minutes!

As you practice for the next week, you can further amplify your comfort levels.

Ready for new results?

I can help.

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